In 1957 two enthusiastic teachers, Frans Sunaert and Robert Bollen, wished to pimp the annual end-of-schoolyear party with a few flag-dance pieces.

Not much later they found they were out of inspiration and they called in the help of dance-teacher Alicia Borghten from Antwerp. She managed to put the only-boys dance group on the tracks of time with choreographies inspired by classic and contemporary composers such as Beethoven and Ravel as well as Klaus Nomi and Tangerine Dream.

In 1982 girls were admitted to dance with Imago Tijl, thus opening new perspectives but also doubling the numbers of members to an odd 200 dancers. In 1988 the younger ones spinned off into Imago Junior with their very own dance show entitled Early Cadenzas.

Meanwhile Lies Oversteyns and Luc Morren had taken over from retiring Alicia. Together they created new and adventurous choreographies for Imago Tijl. Recently Jan Imants joined the artistic staff with young and challenging ideas.

Dance-group Imago Tijl is in da house; it is up to you to discover them. No reason to keep you from doing so.